1. Others see in us what we think of ourselves.

  2. How you think determines how you act and how others react to you.

  3. Look important: it helps you think importantly.

  4. Dress right. It always pays.

  5. The sharper you look, the sharper you will be. (A pencil, when sharpened, has a clearly defined point and writing is easily read, but a dull pencil is just that—dull.)

  6. Pay twice as much and get half as many. For example, two fine suits are much nicer, last longer, and look better than four cheap ones.

  7. If you think of yourself in poor situations, that is what you will get.

  8. Think of yourself as sharp, clean, together, intelligent, informed, and interesting, and

    that is what you will be.

  9. In short: Practice uplifting self-praise, not belittling self-punishment. Think more of your self, and there is more of you.

  10. Beself-improvinginacademics,family,andfriends.Makeprogressinchangingbad habits, eliminating negativism, and wasting time. What you spend the most time on is “what and who you are going to be.” 

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NWORLD | Ten Laws of Attraction

Ten Laws of Attraction
(Note – Follow the laws and its comparison)

1. Want it but don’t need it! Express gratitude for your current blessings. Allow more to flow into your life by cultivating a spirit of contentment and acceptance.

>> Need it. Absolutely require what you want in order to be happy. Want it in a very “demanding” way.

2. Want with relaxation and ease. Think of the difference between Power and Force. Replace hurry with patience.

>> Want with force and compulsion. Try to control and make everything turn out the way you want.

3. Open yourself to “something better”. Visualize the end result, but allow the universe to figure out the “hows”.

>> Insist on specifics. Insist that what you want must manifest in a particular way and by a particular method.

4. Be happy without it. You can be happy while still desiring some things to be better in your life. Enjoy happiness right now.

>> Dwell on unhappiness and lack. Eliminate the creative flow by desiring in a “pressured” and “grasping” way.

5. Trust and surrender. Trust in a higher power who knows what is best for you. Surrender in humility to this higher power.

>> Allow fear and ego to rule. Refuse to relax and surrender because you think you can control and do everything yourself.

6. Know why you want it. Ask your self the three words, “For What Purpose?” What emotional state do you desire and anticipate.

>> Avoid conscious creation. Do not attempt to understand why you want something, merely believe it will fulfill you somehow.

7. Explore your reasons. The more benefits and reasons you can imagine in detail, the more likely it is you will manifest your desire.

>> Maintain only one reason for wanting. Do not expand your mind and think of more benefits.

8. Take small steps. Any step forward brings you closer to your desire. Incremental actions lead to monumental results!

>> Freeze yourself into inactivity. Think that the big important steps just take too much energy, so do nothing instead.

9. Exercise patience and consistent action. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea. Free yourself from linear time, and live your life in the now.

>> Demand it now. Insist on the need to hurry (because you can’t be happy without it). Believe there is some real destination to reach.

10. Believe you are worth it. You do deserve what you want. Identify and eliminate any limiting beliefs. Remember that you can powerfully create what you want.

>> Believe in your own inferiority. Tell yourself you do not deserve good things in life. Insist that you are a victim.

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NWORLD | The 80/20 Rule And The Power Of Systems

The 80/20 Rule And The Power Of Systems

In his book ‘The e-Myth’ (for ‘the entrepreneurial myth’), Michael Gerber says that if
you can’t take off for 6 months and come back to see that your business has grown
without your presence, you don’t have a business – you have a job.
Hence the idea of ‘the entrepreneur myth’. He says most entrepreneurs have simply
created a JOB for themselves, because they haven’t put SYSTEMS in place.
The e-Myth – systematize your business
Gerber says that you must systematize your marketing, recruiting, management,
accounting, production processes… EVERYTHING.
This allows you to work on your business, rather than in it.
The true entrepreneur will create a new business, systematize it, hire in people to
run the system, and then will move on to creating the next business!
In his book ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’, Tim Ferriss also talks about systematizing your
business, as well as using outsourcers and ‘The 80/20 Principle’ (or ‘Pareto’s Law’):
• 20% of your work creates 80% of your results and profits. In your business you
must identify what that ‘20%’ is. What is it that you do, in your business, that
only you can do? Where does your personal time produce the highest ROI?
What do you currently do, that you could delegate or outsource?
• Just 4% of your work creates 50% of your profits.
• It is better to work less and have more free time & better lifestyle,
than work insane hours for more money.
• Outsource… EVERYTHING.
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NWORLD | Accept Full Responsibility For EVERYTHING In Your Life

Accept Full Responsibility For EVERYTHING In Your Life

One of my teachers once said, “You Can Be Rich, Or You Can Be A Victim. You Can’t
Be Both”.
What he meant was that people have to get rid of their ‘victim mentality’ in order to
succeed and become rich.
No blaming. No complaining. No excuses.
Too many people try to justify their failures, their fears, and staying in their comfort
zone, by playing ‘the blame game’.
“You are exactly where you really want to be. You create your life.”
“We all want more control - over our time, our finances, our
relationships, our kids, our job, our life, our health... Yet we give it
away each time we say "it's because of this, it's because of them!"
- Dan Kennedy, The Ultimate Success Secret
When you play the blame game, it means that
a. It feels better for a moment, because you are deflecting responsibility for your
life. Hey, it’s not your fault this bad thing happened – it’s someone else’s
fault. Your boss, your wife, your husband, the government, the economy, your
crooked partner, your employees, etc.
b. BUT it also means that you have zero power in your life. Blaming others
means that your life is at the mercy of other people, happenstance, fate, bad
luck, etc. rather than IN YOUR OWN HANDS. How can you TAKE CONTROL OF
On a metaphysical level, I believe that we actually chose to experience certain
situations – yes, even the painful ones – before we even got here, in order to assist
with our growth and evolution.

So… no sense in blaming anyone, your soul might have decided it needed this
situation to help you evolve to the next stage! Simply be grateful! ;)
Also, do you remember how I mentioned earlier that THOUGHTS => CHOICES =>
With your thoughts, YOU create your world. Everything in your life right now is of
YOUR making.
Once you GET this, you have the power to CHANGE it and re-create it as you like.
This is probably the most difficult pill for people to swallow.
The realization that they must take full responsibility for everything they’ve
manifested in their lives.
Taking responsibility for your life means finally having the power to change it.
“You become what you think about most of the time.
Change your thinking, and you'll change your life.”
- Brian Tracy
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NWORLD | Abundance Consciousness

Abundance Consciousness

   Whilst on the topic of having a ‘Millionaire Mindset’, it is important that you realize
that there is an abundance of money EVERYWHERE.
You just need to be aware of it, or ‘conscious’ of it…
It is only our habitual focus that has led us to believing ‘there isn’t enough’.
Think about this for a second.
There are trillions and trillions of dollars, pounds, yen, euros, francs etc. in circulation
– enough money for each human being to have millions and millions of dollars each.
There is money on every person, on every street, in every shop, in every car, in every
house, in every city, in every county, in every country… lots and lots of money
absolutely EVERYWHERE.
Thoughts and sentences like ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘There isn’t enough money’ are very
disempowering, and completely false.
Most people repeat these kinds of thoughts or words so many times, they end up
believing there really is lack and scarcity.
You must realize, the only lack and scarcity out there is only in your MIND.
Break free of this habit by noticing the abundance around you, in the world, and in
People are poor because they think there isn’t enough money out there, so they feel
they need to hoard it, they need to be careful with it, they are miserly, they need to
make sure they keep every last dollar that comes their way. This permeates their
entire way of being.
Because they tell themselves there isn’t much money out there, that becomes their
Therefore they don’t believe they can get or receive much money, and consequently
they don’t even try.

Their mind is simply not switched on to the amazing abundance that is out there.
Every day millions of new banknotes are being printed and sent out through the
country in big trucks.
Go out a bit.
Every person, every house, every business out there HAS MONEY! Tons of it! It’s
everywhere!!! It’s everywhere you go, it’s everywhere you look. EVERYWHERE!!!
All you need to do is figure out how to create value for people so that this wealth
flows your way!
If you have lack in your life, you are “being a person in lack and scarcity.” Turn it
around by creating an “abundance consciousness.”
The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on you become or attract. “Like
Attracts Like”.
There is no way to create HEALTH BY FOCUSING ON Sickness! Nor to create wealth if
focusing on lack! Who are you being when it’s time to pay the bills? What is your
focus on?
You need to think as if you already are prosperous…
You must feel wealthy now! You are already wealthy beyond belief! You are richer
and have more opportunities available to you than the most powerful kings in
history! Free yourself from the illusion that you are not wealthy right now.
What does it take to feel wealthy?
Answer: Feeling grateful. The secret to wealth is… gratitude!
You are thanking the universe for the abundance in your life, and showing to your
brain that you want more of the good stuff in your life.
Go do something to help someone you don’t even know! It will teach your brain that
you’ve got more than enough – “Hey, you know what? I deserve to do well because
I’m a giver!”
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