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Get A Mentor And Copy A Proven Success Formula “

Get A Mentor And Copy A Proven Success Formula

 “Without A Mentor YOUR VERY BEST THINKING Has Got You Exactly Where You are
Today,” says Raymond Aaron.
That’s a hard pill to swallow. I remember sitting in the back row of a seminar when I
heard him say those words. I was doing ok, but my friends were making a lot more
money than I was… It made me realize that I needed some new mentors to take me
to the next level in my business.
“Every Single Person That SUCCEEDS Has A MENTOR,” he continues.
And it’s true. When I started my Internet business, Francis G. was my mentor. When
I launched my seminar business, Warren, Darren, Nik, and many others were my
mentors. Now that I’m getting into membership sites, I have Lee and Daniel as my
mentors. (I got mentors, by the way, by FIRST giving them value for FREE – e.g.
helping them with my very limited internet marketing knowledge at the time!)
I simply copied a PROVEN ‘success formula’ – I knew people bought ebooks online,
and I knew people paid good money to attend continuing education seminar – so my
success was no surprise at all. I was just copying what I knew already worked!
There was no need for decades of the frustrating trial-and-error approach.
“It is crazy, in today’s world, to be going for the ‘trial and error’ approach to business.
Just get a mentor and follow a PROVEN success formula!”, says Armand Morin.
I am currently paying $10,000 a year to be mentored by a multi-millionaire, and I
always look for ‘proven success formulas’ – i.e. business models that work right now.
Harv Eker talks about ‘The Lag Time Principle’, as a way of finding great business
ideas. This is about ‘business copycatting’.
For example, Starbucks coffee shops became popular in Seattle, USA. But there was
a lag time until that concept reached the rest of the USA, then Europe, Asia, etc.
Harv Eker made his first fortune when he noticed the trend for ‘exercise equipment
shops’ in LA, and then copycatted that business model by bringing it to Toronto.

Credit to Inspired Group
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