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How To Increase Backlinks Of Your Blog For Free?

How To Increase Backlinks Of Your Blog For Free?

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks is also known as incoming links or inbound links. It is the incoming links to a webpage. Backlinks is any link that is received by a webpage from other webpage or blogs. Also the links posted in any social media like facebook, twitter and others are also called baclinks. A quality inbound links can increase search Traffic of your blog through social sharing and organic searches.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks is one of the very factor through which search engines rank your website in SERPs. After linking many sites you will be able to receive traffic which will improve your Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Search Engine Visibility and lot more.

Write Guest Post

Guest Post is the best method to receive Backlink from popular blogs or blogs having high Page Rank (PR). Write for others and in return you'll be rewarded with powerful DoFollow link and anchor text of your choice. The DoFollow links are very important in terms of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Linking Internal Posts

You can also build Backlinks in your own blog yourselves by linking internal posts. That means link one post's URL with other related posts of your Blog. But excessive linking results to spam and you may be penalized, Be careful. So do this appropriately whereable it's suitable so that it will be easier for Search Engines like Google to crawl your pages in faster rate.

Write Unique, Highly Shareable And Most Loved Content "CONTENT IS THE KING"

There are no better ways to increase organic traffic from search engines except than by writing quality content. You should publish such content based on your site's niche which are always expected by users or content that helps them along with uniqueness. It leads your content to be shared by users in various social networking sites. This method generates traffic for your site from various social networking sites having high PR.This step will help you to have a lot of follower and revisits.

Social Media Promotion

Today advantages is in social media. In the present situation social media has developed very well. Almost every people use social sites like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, StumbleUpon, Linkedln, and much more. So we can take benefit from them by sharing out content/posts in those sites and generating huge traffic and Backlinks.

Directory Submission is the most impostant for page rank (PR)

There are lots of web directories on the internet where you can get your site listed after submitting it along with your site's name, description, etc. After that those directories will list your blog in most appropriate category. The popular directories are Dmoz.org, Dir.yahoo.com, which are human edited directories.  You can also submit your site to Google, Bing etc. for crawling and indexing. Hence they will give you Backlinks along with lots of traffic.

Forum Posting

Participating in webmaster forums can help you to increase your blog readership or gain more trust. In this method you have to join some forums having high PR and try to ask and reply questions. Remember to add your Blog's link in the signature. Here at NNCI we will provide you  back links for Forum post. Just Remember be kind in posting.

Blog Commenting

I suggest this trick especially for newbies bloggers who has low traffic, alexa rank and no page rank. This is because most of the Blog have NoFollow attribute added for comment links. However you can comment on those blogs with links which are using CommentLuv or KeywordLuv commenting system, but excessive comment may result spam and your Blog may get hit by Google Algorithm known as Google Penguin.

Guys I hope you learned a lot with our topic for this today, see you in my next topic,, Happy Blogging guys. :)
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