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(Solve) How To Open .jar File in windows 10

Hello There!!!! 

You can now Run .jar File in windows 10 in just 1 Click!!!!

Just Follow me......

Step 1 > Download java here {Oracle Java 8} then Install it...

Step 2 > Open windows 10 Setting..

Step 3 > Click SYSTEM

Step 4 > Click DEFAULT APPS

Step 5 > Scroll Down and Click CHOOSE DEFAULT APPS BY FILE TYPES

Step 6 > Scroll Down and Look for ".jar" (Executable Jar Files) on the Left..

Step 7 > Then on the right side of it Click the "+" sign or Click on what ever is there then choose
                     "Java(TM) Platform SE binary in the Dropdown Choices..

That's it.. Congratulations Done.. You can now Run your ".jar" files in windows 10 in just One Click....
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