List of Bitcoin Wallet Provider


Creating a Bitcoin Wallet takes a matter of few minutes: you just put in your e-mail address and password. Every wallet has an address which you send to anyone who is going to make a transaction on your wallet. That’s all about Bitcoin Wallet creation.

Below are few bitcoin wallet providers that I use but you can choose what bitcoin wallet suits your taste.

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(A) CoinsPH: This wallet gives a lot of good features on those is 2.5k bits but you need to have an ID for to get the said bits. You can use any kind of ID such as Student ID, Employee ID, Drivers License, Passport or any Government issued ID. The ID must have a clear view to be approved. Approval of the said ID will take two days.

Also this wallet also have many more free bits to see all of those just click in the "Earn Reward" Tab at the left side bottom of the page then after that click the "Mission". You can see all the mission/task list you can do to get a free bits.

Note: Even though you are not verified yet you can start gaining your bits/satoshi in some faucets. You can bypass the free bits process if your main purpose is to get a bitcoin wallet and have a bitcoin address because that address will be needed for claiming free satoshi/bits on those faucet.

(B) XAPO - This is an "Instant payment wallet" some faucets needs a xapo wallet because it can pays you instantly after claiming on those faucets. This instant payment is so useful because you will see your income realtime.

Also this wallet will give you a free 50 bits upon signing up and another 50 bits when you linked in your fb/twitter account. So you will get another 100 free bits in just a minute.

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(C) COINBASE -Just register & verify your account to you email and phone. After being verified you will have a free 100 bits.

(D) BLOCKCHAIN.INFO Another strong wallet address provider
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