What is Faucets?

If you are new to the crypto-currency field, the first question you may be interested in is how to get your first crypto-coins. Bitcoin (or Litecoin, Dogecoin or every other didgital currency that littered the internet) faucet is a good way to start getting acquainted with crypto-currencies.

This system called a “faucet” not accidentally. Like the water leaks through the loosely screwed faucet, the coins are gathered into the drop before it drips, and such drops are very small. Meaning, you would not earn much on the faucet, but it is free nevertheless. Faucet is a website that offers small parts of Bitcoin, called Satoshi, for fulfilling some action, such as entering captcha, watching a video, or playing a simple game. The rewards are dispensed in the certain frequency, and they are usually several hundreds of Satoshi (1Satoshi is 0.00000001BTC). You will need a bitcoin address to get some bits from those faucets.

So, why not try your fate?

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3 Key Things You Should Keep In Mind When using Bitcoin Faucets Websites

Time, maximum pay out and security issue of these Faucet Websites

1.        Pay out:

-          Stick to frequent and reliable one.

-          You only focus on Faucets site offer the most payout, regularly and reliable

-          If someone promise 1 bitcoin but don’t stay until they payout.

-          We rather get 0.01 BTC regularly and reliability

 2.       Security:

-          Stay safe online. Use approved faucets

-          Install anti –virus software . Some pop up ads, one click can harm your pc.

-          Do your homework, if spamming n don’t get it

-          Check google reviews for the site before you start on the

 3.       What do these Faucet Website owners want from you?

Learn how to Get 2BTC per day!!!

-          Some need your email

-          Some need you to visit regularly.

-          Some just need your bitcoin address

-          Figure out what they want from you?

If you don’t have time ? You better use those sites that don’t need you to spend a lot of time.
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